How to Initiate an IRB Review of Your Project

Faculty, staff, and students who conduct research with human participants in their academic and professional work are required by federal law to have their studies reviewed by the University of Richmond Institutional Review Board (URIRB) before research can begin.

The IRB's process begins with the receipt of a research protocol or a query delivered via email to The email should indicate the type of project being submitted: an educational project, a request for exemption from the requirements of 45 CFR 46, a research protocol, or a general question about the process. In most cases, three steps are required.

Note: Individuals who are not certain if their project requires IRB review should review the information listed on the "When is IRB Review Needed?" before providing the IRB the information needed to make a determination about the need for review.

First, everyone involved in the project should complete the required online training course that reviews the steps to take and standards to maintain when conducting studies of humans. For more information visit

Second, if IRB review is required, you should submit the required forms and materials for the study to Detailed instructions about the required forms and materials can be found at the "Review Form and Instructions" tab. (Because of changes in federal regulations, legacy forms and materials are not longer acceptable--download and make use of the most current documents and templates posted on the site.)

Third, wait for notification that the IRB has completed its review and has approved your study. You cannot begin the project until you have received approval from the IRB. Depending on staff availability and the type of review required, IRB review can require several weeks.