Project-Specific Requirements

In addition to completing the CITI basic course, Students in Research, some students may be required to take additional training modules. For example, For example, the IRB will always require the completion of additional CITI training modules for research projects involving children or other vulnerable populations.

The Basic Student Course must be completed before students have access to other modules that the IRB may require.

Students needing to take additional CITI coursework (after completing the required modules) may take additional courses by two different methods.

  1. By taking optional/supplemental course modules under the "UR Students conducting no more than minimal risk research" course. The IRB will often require additional training as a condition of approval of specific research proposals. Optional or supplemental modules can be accessed after a learner completes a basic course. To view optional/supplemental modules for your user group (e.g. "UR Students conducting no more than minimal risk research"), simply go to your CITI Main Menu and click the course title under the "Course" button. For example, clicking on "UR Students conducting no more than minimal risk research" will take you to the optional/supplemental modules for the student course. There are currently over 30 optional/supplemental course modules listed there.
  2. Learners may also take different courses (such as a Responsible Conduct of Research course or an animal protection course). Go to your Main Menu and click on the "Add a Course or Update Learner Groups" button. This will take you to a "select curriculum" which is gives you the option of taking additional courses. Follow the directions on page 2 of the Student Registration Directions to register for additional courses.