Conflicts of Interest

Researcher Conflicts of Interest

Researchers may need to declare conflicts of interest where they exist on research projects. Researchers with conflicts of interest should declare them when submitting their protocol to the IRB. Federal definitions and policies on research conflicts of interest can be found in the Department of Health and Human Services "Final Guidance Document, Financial Relationships and Interests in Research Involving Human Subjects: Guidance for Human Subject Protection".

CITI Modules Available

Several training modules regarding avoiding conflicts of interest can be accessed through the CITI accounts of members of the University of Richmond community. The training course consists of four online modules. Registration directions for the CITI conflicts of interest course can be accessed HERE.

Conflict of Interest Training Required by NIH

As of August 24, 2012 researchers seeking NIH and some other grants will need to complete a CITI training course on conflicts of interest. This training must be completed before the submission of the proposal. Directions for registering for the conflict of interest course may be accessed HERE. Contact the IRB if you have questions on these requirements.

Other Uses of the Conflicts of Interest Training

Other members of the University of Richmond Community who need training on conflicts of interest may access the CITI training cited above. Such individuals should contact their supervisors with regards to which optional or supplemental modules (if any) they will need to take.