Researcher Training Requirements

All University of Richmond faculty, staff, and students who are engaged in research with human subjects must complete training on the protection of human subjects. University of Richmond researchers must satisfy the human subjects training requirement by completing course modules (free of charge) through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) program. Training must be renewed every three years, usually by completing abbreviated CITI renewal courses offered directly to CITI members.

Evidence of completion of training must be provided to the IRB before the research begins. Training requirements will vary depending on the proposal. This University of Richmond requirement is consistent with federal requirements and has been formally approved by the UR IRB. Over 3,800 UR faculty, staff and students have completed required CITI training since the adoption of this requirement in September, 2008.

Minimum training requirements for faculty, staff, and students (conducting no more than minimal risk research) are detailed in the labeled subfolders of this site.

Optional or Supplemental Course Modules
The IRB will often require additional training as a condition of approval of specific research proposals. For example, the IRB will always require the completion of additional CITI training modules for research projects involving children or other vulnerable populations. Optional or supplemental modules can only be taken after a learner completes a basic course. To view optional/supplemental modules for your user group (e.g. "UR Students conducting no more than minimal risk research"), simply go to your CITI Main Menu and click the course title under the "Course" button. For example, clicking on "UR Students conducting no more than minimal risk research" will take you to the optional/supplemental modules for the student course.

To register for and begin CITI coursework, see the instructions on the subfolders of this website. Different training is required for the following groups: faculty and staff, students conducting no more than minimal risk research, and members of the IRB. Other training may be required depending on the nature of the research proposed. If you have trouble registering for a CITI course, contact the IRB.

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Training
Many researchers will be required to take RCR training. Registration directions for CITI RCR courses may be downloaded HERE.

Why does the University of Richmond require training in the protection of human subjects of research?
The University of Richmond requires training because it wants all engaged researchers to exercise due diligence in protecting human subjects of research. In addition, while the U.S. Office for Human Subject Protects (OHRP) does not require training, it strongly recommends that all persons conducting research involving human subjects complete training on the protection of human subjects. At its December 6, 2016 meeting the University of Richmond Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved a requirement that all University of Richmond faculty, students, and staff complete mandated training before final approval of any research involving human subjects. This requirement includes, but is not limited to, (a) faculty whose projects are determined to be greater than minimal risk, (b) researchers conducting projects that involve minimal risk, (c) researchers working on projects that are exempt from the standards set forth by 45 CFR 46, (d) faculty who serve as advisors to students conducting research, and (e) non-UR researchers on projects in which the University of Richmond serves as the IRB of record. Requirements differ and researchers are advised to follow the detailed instructions for registering for the required training.

CITI provides research training to 1,500 institutions.
The University of Richmond uses the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) to provide human subjects training, animal care and use training and responsible conduct of research training. CITI now provides this training to over 1500 institutions globally, including many of the most respected research institutions in the world.

Other training
Completion of required modules offered by the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) is the preferred means of documenting training for research with human subjects, but other training may be recognized at the discretion of the IRB. Comparable, documented training completion at other institutions is often accepted by the URIRB.