Project-Specific Requirements

In addition to the CITI Faculty/Staff Basic Course, researchers may be required to complete project-specific CITI training requirements. For example, a researcher conducting research with children would likely have to complete several CITI modules related to the protection of children as vulnerable research subjects.

"Optional or Supplemental Course Modules"

The IRB will often require additional training as a condition of approval of specific research proposals. For example, the IRB will always require the completion of additional CITI training modules for research projects involving children or other vulnerable populations. Optional or supplemental modules can only be taken after a learner completes a basic course. To view optional/supplemental modules for your user group (e.g. UR Faculty and Staff Researchers), simply go to your CITI Main Menu and click the course title under the "Course" button. For example, clicking on "UR Faculty and Staff Researchers" will take you to the optional/supplemental modules that are available for that course.

Generally, all required project-specific requirements can be found by clicking on the course name in the Main Menu section of the individual researcher's CITI account. Note that optional modules can only be accessed after the basic CITI course has been completed. Researchers having difficulty accessing optional modules should contact the IRB Chair.