Detailed CITI Registration Instructions

The online course in the ethics of human research is made available through the University's subscription to the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) based at the University of Miami. Many major universities and colleges subscribe to the CITI training service. If you have completed CITI training within the last 3 years elsewhere, you can register that training with the University of Richmond at the CITI website.

While CITI courses are often thought by many to be interesting, some users regard the registration process to be cumbersome. Please download the registration directions HERE to help ensure your successful registration. You may find it helpful to print the directions and follow them carefully while you register.

Required Modules in the Basic Course

The Basic Course includes 6 modules examining key issues in the ethics of research with humans.

  1. "Belmont Report and CITI Course Introduction" module. You must open the Belmont Report link and review the report before proceeding.
  2. "Defining Research with Human Subjects – SBE" module. SBE stands for "Social, Behavioral, Educational" research.
  3. "The Regulations -- SBE" module.
  4. "Assessing Risk -- SBE" module.
  5. "Informed Consent – SBE" module.
  6. "Privacy and Confidentiality – SBE" module.

If there is a "University of Richmond" module at the end of the training, you will need to "initiate" this and open the link to the "Belmont Report" if you have not already done so. After viewing this, click "Proceed to the Main Menu."

"Optional or Supplemental Course Modules"

The IRB will often require additional training as a condition of approval of specific research proposals. For example, the IRB will always require the completion of additional CITI training modules for research projects involving children or other vulnerable populations. Optional or supplemental modules can only be taken after a learner completes a basic course. To view optional/supplemental modules for your user group (e.g. UR Faculty and Staff Researchers), simply go to your CITI Main Menu and click the course title under the "Course" button. For example, clicking on "UR Faculty and Staff Researchers" will take you to the optional/supplemental modules that are available for that course.

Responsible Conduct of Research Training

Many faculty/staff members may be required to complete training in the responsible conduct of reserach (RCR). Click HERE for registration directions.

Training Renewal

Researchers must renew their CITI training every three years. A few months before the expiration of their three years, esearchers will receive an email from CITI advising them that "refresher" training is available. Refresher training takes substantially less time than the initial training courses and researchers are encouraged to complete the refresher training as soon as possible.

Researchers who experience difficulty with CITI registration should contact the IRB.