Training Requirements for Faculty and Staff

All faculty and staff engaged in research involving human participants must complete an online course on the ethics of research. This course is administered by the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI), at The basic online course will take about one hour to complete. A researcher can complete a module or two and return later to complete the entire course. The IRB requires researchers update their training every three years.

Please note that CITI offers several courses, but only one course meets the IRB requirement for researchers: "UR Faculty and Staff Researchers."

To complete the required training:

  • Register (or log in) at and indicate your role as a UR faculty or staff member.
  • The course "UR Faculty and Staff Researchers" should be listed, but marked as Incomplete.
  • Click the course title, complete the "Integrity Assurance Statement" and the required modules.

If the required course is not listed under your courses:

  • Click "add course"
  • Question 1: Click "UR Faculty and Staff Researchers"
  • Question 5: Click "no"
  • Submit.
  • When the "your request has been successfully submitted" message appears, UR Faculty and Staff Researchers should be listed as Incomplete
  • Click the title, complete the "Integrity Assurance Statement" and the required modules.

More detailed instructions can be accessed at CITI registration instructions or at the link provided below. If the site directions indicate different modules, you have may have registered for the wrong course and should try to re-register. If this is not successful, contact the IRB for help.

If you have already completed CITI training but cannot remember account information (such as your user name and password), please do not create a duplicate account. The CITI integrity assurance statement asks you to affirm that you do not already have an account. You may request information on your existing CITI account from the IRB at or by contacting CITI directly at: or by calling (305) 243-7970. Questions about or changes to passwords must be addressed directly with CITI.