IRB Overview

The University of Richmond Institutional Review Board (IRB) for the Protection of Human Subjects of Research reviews research proposals to ensure that human subjects of research are exposed to minimal risk and that their rights as research subjects are protected. The IRB is administered by the Provost's Office. The University President is the "signatory official" for the IRB. The IRB general mailbox is .

The IRB meets monthly during the academic year to review research proposals involving human subjects. IRB approval is required prior to initiating a study involving human subjects. During June, July and August, minimal risk proposals can be submitted to the Chair for possible expedited review.

See the "IRB at a Glance" for a brief overview of the Institutional Review Board at the University of Richmond.

Many researchers have questions about what research needs to be reviewed by the IRB. Generally, any research proposal involving the use of human subjects or collecting information about living individuals must be reviewed by the IRB. For an example, see the attached "When to Consult the IRB?"

IRB Determinations must be in Writing

To receive a determination from the IRB, a researcher must request and receive a written determination by email. This include any IRB determination, including exempt determinations and determinations that an activity is "not reviewable research." A discussion with the IRB Chair or a member of the IRB cannot be cited as an IRB determination.