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Examples of Full Proposals

Proposals Using the "Full Proposal" Form

Experiments in Virtual Reality (Crawford, Twedt, et al)

The full research proposal submission, Experiments in Virtual Reality, consists of four components: (1) the completed full proposal form, (2) the proposal consent form, (3) a debriefing form to be used with subjects after their participation in the study, and (4) recruiting materials which announce the study and solicit participants.

Mindsets Matter: An interdisciplinary approach for increasing female involvement and acheivement in STEM: Renewal (Burnette, Hoyt, Lawson et al)

The full research proposal submission, Mindsets Matter, consists of two components: (1) the full proposal form, which also includes information needed by the IRB for the renewal of the proposal, and (2) additional materials, which include the consent form, instruments to be used in the research, and other materials.

"Unique" Proposals That do not Fit the Full Proposal Form

Examples of approved unique full proposals from past years follow.  Note that some of these proposals may not include all of the information currently required by the IRB.

Example of Unique Faculty Psychology Proposal.

Example of Unique Student Geography Proposal.

In some cases, a professor may want to submit a proposal that incorporates various components of separate student surveys or interviews.  An example of such a classroom proposal can be downloaded HERE.