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When to Submit

An IRB proposal should be submitted whenever researchers are developing research plans that involve human subjects or the collection of information about human subjects. 

Proposals are due to the IRB no less than one week prior to a scheduled meeting.  Researchers submitting proposals for full board review should email their proposals to the IRB Chair at no later than 5:00 p.m. on the Tuesday preceding a scheduled meeting.  See the 2017-2018 IRB schedule for the dates and times of meetings.

Please note that proposals are generally placed on the IRB agenda in the order in which they are received.  Researchers who submit their proposals early are very likely to have their proposal reviewed at the IRB's meeting.  Proposals submitted shortly before or after the deadline may end up at the end of the meeeting agenda and run the risk of being deferred until a later meeting.  Proposals that are submitted after the deadline may not be reviewed until the next scheduled meeting of the IRB.

Proposals that are eligible for review using the expedited process can be submitted at any time.  However, if a researcher uses the expedited form to submit a proposal that is not eligible for expedited review, the IRB Chair will put the proposal on the agenda of the next scheduled meeting of the IRB.