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Submitting Proposals

Researchers should email  research proposals and related documents to the IRB Chair at

Proposals may be submitted using either the expedited form or one of two full proposal forms.  To qualify for expedited review, a proposal must pose "no more than minimal risk" to subjects and meet one of the nine categories that OHRP has determined can be reviewed using the expedited process.

If a proposal is not expeditable, the researcher should prepare a proposal using the full proposal form.  The principal differences in the forms are that a full proposal will include a literature review and more detail on the benefits and risks of the research.  The IRB will be assessing the proposal to ensure that risks to subjects have been minimized and that the benefits of the research exceed the risks.

Many proposals are "approved with conditions" by the IRB.  If a proposal has been "approved with conditions" the researcher must resubmit the proposal, addressing the conditions of approval stipulated in the IRB notice of action, prior to initiating the research.  Typically the board will authorize the Chair to take expedited action on revisions.  When the researcher receives a final approval from the IRB Chair, research on the project may begin.

IRB Approval Does Not Guarantee Access to University Data

Please note, if your IRB research proposal requires access to University of Richmond data (such as e-mail addresses for surveys or student demographic data, etc.), the University may not provide you with that information even if your proposal is approved by the IRB. We encourage you to contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness to determine the feasibility of getting access to institutional information prior to submitting your proposal to the IRB for approval. Do not assume that because you have gotten access in the past or for other purposes, that the University will give you access for your current proposal.