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Basic Requirements

University faculty and staff researchers who are working with human subjects of research are required to complete about two hours of online training in the protection of human subjects of research.  This course is titled "UR Faculty and Staff Researchers, Basic Course."  Follow the provided  CITI training registration directions carefully to access this course.

Before beginning the course modules, you must complete the Integrity Assurance Statement.
There are six training modules:

1. “Belmont Report and CITI Course Introduction” module.  You must open the Belmont Report link and review the report before proceeding.
2.  “Defining Research with Human Subjects – SBE” module.  SBE stands for "Social, Behavioral, Educational" research.
3.  “The Regulations -- SBE" module.
4. “Assessing Risk -- SBE” module.
5.  “Informed Consent – SBE” module.
6.  “Privacy and Confidentiality – SBE” module.

If there is a “University of Richmond” module at the end of the training, you will need to “initiate” this and open the link to the “Belmont Report” if you have not already done so.  After viewing this, click “Proceed to the Main Menu.”

Researchers who experience difficulty with CITI registration should contact the IRB Chair.