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Requirements for Students

All students participating in research involving human subjects must take required CITI training.  Please download the CITI registration instructions here or at the link provided below.  The registration process can be cumbersome and it is recommended that the directions be printed and followed carefully.  Students will be required to register for the course "UR Students conducting no more than minimal risk research" and complete an "integrity assurance statement." Students will then complete the module "Students in Research - SBR" and complete a very brief "University of Richmond" module.  If the site directions indicate different modules, you have may have registered for the wrong course and should try to re-register.  If this is not successful, contact the IRB Chair for help.

It is common for the IRB to require additional CITI modules for students working in specialized areas or with vulnerable populations. For example, students surveying workers may be required to take the CITI course module on workers as vulnerable subjects.  These additional modules will become available under the "Optional Modules" section of your CITI homepage, only after you have completed the basic course.

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Training

Many researchers will be required to take RCR training.  Registration directions for CITI RCR courses may be downloaded HERE.