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Training Requirements for Faculty and Staff

All University of Richmond faculty and staff members who conduct research with human subjects must complete the CITI course titled "UR Faculty and Staff Researchers, Basic Course."  This course consists of the Integrity Assurance Statement, six substantive modules, and a very brief "University of Richmond"module.  Completion of the course takes about an hour and a half.  A researcher can complete a module or two and return later to complete the entire course.  The registration process can be cumbersome and it is recommended that researchers download the faculty/staff CITI registration directions; print them, and follow them carefully.

If you have already completed CITI training but cannot remember account information (such as your user name and password), do not create a duplicate account.  The CITI integrity assurance statement asks you to affirm that you do not already have an account.  You may request information on your existing CITI account from the IRB Chair at or by contacting CITI directly at: or by calling (305) 243-7970.  Questions about or changes to passwords must be addressed directly with CITI.

"Optional or Supplemental Course Modules"

The IRB will often require additional training as a condition of approval of specific research proposals.  For example, the IRB will always require the completion of additional CITI training modules for research projects involving children or other vulnerable populations.  Optional or supplemental modules can only be taken after a learner completes a basic course.  To view optional/supplemental modules for your user group (e.g. UR Faculty and Staff Researchers), simply go to your CITI Main Menu and click the course title under the "Course" button.  For example, clicking on "UR Faculty and Staff Researchers" will take you to the optional/supplemental modules that are available for that course. 

Register for your CITI coursework

To register for and begin CITI coursework, see the instructions on the subfolders of this website.  Different training is required for the following groups: faculty and staff, students conducting no more than minimal risk research, and members of the IRB.  Other training may  be required depending on the nature of the research proposed.  If you have trouble registering for a CITI course, contact the IRB Chair.

Responsible Conduct of Research Training

Many faculty/staff members may be required to complete training in the responsible conduct of reserach (RCR).  Click HERE for registration directions.

Training Renewal

Researchers must renew their CITI training every three years.  A few months before the expiration of their three years, esearchers will receive an email from CITI advising them that "refresher" training is available.  Refresher training takes substantially less time than the initial training courses and researchers are encouraged to complete the refresher training as soon as possible.