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Full Proposal Forms

The regular ( or "full") proposal form is a document that consists of required fields into which the researcher must enter required information.  Filling out this form will guide the researcher through the information required for a proposal submission. Download the regular full proposal form HERE.  Completed proposals should be submitted to not less than one week prior to a scheduled meeting of the IRB.

Sometimes a researcher will find that the regular full proposal form does not address the needs of his or her study.  In such cases, the researcher should prepare a "unique" proposal following the directions HERE.

If a researcher is serving as a co-investigator on a proposal that was approved by an IRB at a different institution, the researcher may submit the approved version of the research proposal, along with the IRB approval action, to the IRB Chair for review.  The IRB Chair will determine if the proposal can be reviewed by the expedited process or if it needs to be reviewed by the convened board.  In submitting the approved version of such a proposal, the researcher should review the proposal to ensure that it provides all of the information required by the University of Richmond IRB.  Any additional information may be provided by the researcher to the IRB in the form of a cover email that describes the participation of the co-investigator and provides any needed additional information.