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Expedited Review Form

A detailed expedited review form can be downloaded HERE.  While the expedited form is five pages long, most of the form consists of directions needed to correctly provide information on 28 items.  If researchers review the instructions carefully and answer its questions in the spaces provided, they will have basically completed their proposal.  For a simple proposal, this might take an hour or two.  In addition to submitting the expedited review form, researchers will also generally need to submit three additional documents: (1) a list of questions to be used in the interview and/or survey, (2) a consent form, and (3) copies of any recruitment materials, such as the draft of an email.  Thus an expedited proposal will typically consist of four items: (1) the expedited form, (2) the research instruments to be used, (3) a consent form, and (4) copies of recruiting materials, if any are to be used.

Examples of completed expedited proposals can be seen at the Examples tab.